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Order your custom song for a loved one. For your best friend! Your kid! Your significant other! Your sister or brother! Get Romantic. Get Silly! Written and produced by Kelly Hyde starting at $250(Negotiable)

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Please include in your message:

~ Name of recipient if you want the name mentioned

~Your name if you want your name mentioned

~Occassion and whether or not you want that mentioned

~Memories, places, pet names, inside jokes, phrases, family members or anything else that MUST be mentioned!

~Special things about the person or how they make you feel, what you want them to know, or what you want to convey. Any other memories or special moments that Kelly can work with or pick from. Write away!

~What is the vibe of the song? Funny, light hearted, reflective, romantic, or N/A

~What is the deadline?
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Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly!

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" Kelly wrote the sweetest song ever for my grandsons birthday! My wife and I were in tears by the end of it. I played the song with a video during the virtual birthday party and my little grandson pointed, smiled and giggled. It was one of the most meaningful moments we all shared since the pandemic began. The song is upbeat, touching and positive. Kelly is a talented songwriter and I’m already looking for the next opportunity to hire her to write another song for me."

-Eila Allgood


A year ago in April my life changed for the better when I adopted my dog Luna. I wanted to mark the occasion with something special that I could also share with friends and family, so I asked Kelly to write a custom song. I sent her a list of all my silly nicknames for Luna, and the result was the sweetest tribute I could even imagine. Kelly made sure I was stoked with the first version of the song, and I couldn’t have been happier with it."

- Laura Dvorak